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Kustom Coach Works
93150-B Prairie Road
Juncion City, OR 97448
Phone: 541-501-3371

Amazing Creations
93150-B Prairie Road
Juncion City, OR 97448
Phone: 541-556-0501

Have an Older RV?

Do you have an older RV and would like to have a few things changed? Maybe add some updated items or change things to better match your needs? We can remodel things to your wishes. Remodeling things as easy as knobs and handles, to custom items like lights, cabinets, flooring, laminate, tile, carpet, Corian entry ways, audio, video, 110v and 12v systems. We also do TV upgrades to the new LCD and LED TVs and satellite installation. The possibilities are endless!

Have a Newer RV?

Do you have a newer RV and would like to make it more what you want? We can transform your RV to the home of your dreams. From custom cabinetry and flooring to TV and audio upgrades, we can do it all!

Our Motto is Simple!

Our goal is to provide unsurpassed service to our customers with a smile. We believe that a firm hand-shake is a commitment and that you are only as good as your word. So keep in mind that there are infinite possibilities and anything is possible!